Meet the team

Kaitlin Uemura, co-founder 

Born and raised on the Big Island and currently living in Seattle. I was a little shy growing up but later on I became fearless in my choice of clothes which gave me my confidence. Fashion has always been there for me to express myself, I just didn't realize how much of a part it played in my life till now! I never had the patience to sew as a child but I admired my grandma's sewing skills and she is my inspiration. After acquiring the skills to sew and paint, I am so excited to share with the world my passion of fashion and art. I can't wait to create for all our sirens out there!

Kaitlin Madriaga, co-founder 

A Maui girl transplant to the city of Seattle. I have a love for the laid back beach lifestyle of Hawaii and the busy, loud, eclectic city life. I can honestly call both places my home and source of inspiration. Growing up my closet consisted mostly of hand-me-downs and thrifted clothes I found at local swap meets/garage sales. My first sewing class in 6th grade opened a new world of creativity. I am constantly inspired by those around me and hope to inspire others through my work.

Nala, shop dog 

Nala is a 5 year old poodle mix and veteran shop dog. She loves meeting new people and will always greet you with her tail wagging. She has a lot of energy but can also be found lying down on the cement ground taking a little rest from her day job. 

Kimiko, shop dog 

Kimiko is a 3 year old terrier mix puppy. She loves wearing sweaters that match her mood and chasing around Nala. Kimiko loves to play fetch and is always ready to cuddle. She is a new pup so if you would like to pet her, please wait until she properly sits.