Our Story

We are Kaitlin & Kaitlin. In 2017, we founded Morning Siren, a clothing brand focused on quality, small batch pieces. Over the years, we have grown our network of local designers and connected with our customers through popups and social media. Many of whom supported us as new and small business owners. In early 2020, Momo, a beloved shop in the ID we sold in and Kaitlin Uemura worked at, informed us that they were retiring this year. And through the support of our community, Sairen, a twist on our design label, became a reality.

Sairen is a modern and creative shop filled with an eclectic mix of Japanese, Hawaii, and Seattle made goods. When you enter the store you’ll see plants bathing in the sunlight near the windows, dressed up in hand crafted pottery. The racks are filled with unique finds for both men and women to explore their personal style. As you continue, you will see a wall of cards made for any occasion and gifts placed around the store. Up on the walls you will see art hanging from a featured local artist and our staff is there to tell you all about the artist’s inspirations. As a customer you will walk away with fresh finds and knowledge about the Nihonmachi community. 

Our Mission 

Sairen is a lifestyle brand servicing both men and women whose strength is bringing handmade design-driven products sourced from the USA and Japan to market. Our mission is to highlight and support a growing movement of independent Asian-American, POC and local designers.