Sound Transit Extension

What is the West Seattle Ballard Link Extension?

Sound Transit is currently working on the West Seattle Ballard Link Extension. They have decided that a whole new link station must be created in the Chinatown-International District as part of this route. The CID community is concerned with the placement of this new link station and how it will effect our small businesses. There are 5 potential locations up for discussion, 2 on 4th Ave S and 3 on or near 5th ave S. 

Why does it matter to us?

All options will cause road closures and impact to the CID in a significant way. However, the 5th Ave S options will close or displace up to 19 local businesses. The construction in this area will seriously impact the entire neighborhood.

The 4th Ave S will cause road closures and displace only 5-8 businesses. We believe the 4th Ave shallow station will cause the least amount of harm to our historic buildings and community.

Some of our fave businesses at risk on 5th:

  • Fuji Bakery
  • Oasis
  • Musashis
  • Seattle’s Best Tea
  • A+ Hong Kong Kitchen
  • Chun Chun Rice Dog
  • International Model Toys
  • Milkie Milkie

The final decision about here the tunnel & station will be located has not been decided yet. Update: The Sound Transit board will make a decision by June 2022. 

Want to learn more?

The Historic South Downtown is a great resource for learning more on how the extension will impact the CID neighborhood and has great summaries on the Sound Transit Draft EIS plans. Check it out here: