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Adjustable Dog Leash

Adjustable Dog Leash

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 This dog leash adjusts from 3, 4 and 6 ft leash lengths by reattaching the snap to the varying small d-rings along the leash. Here are the features of each length:

  • 3ft: use it in “high road/foot traffic environments” so your dog can stay close to your side.
  • 4ft: is nice because you can wear it around your chest for a hands-free-leash experience.
  • 6ft: use it when your dog needs to go potty so they can have a little more room to explore and find the perfect pee spot.

The standard braid weight uses 4x paracord strands, each strand can withstand a weight of 550lbs! So when braided together, the combined tensile strength is essentially 4x stronger and can withstand any pull force from your dog. A key feature is the signature “leash stopper” design at the base of the leash so you can comfortably grip your dog with more control in case you can’t reach their collar or harness. 


  • 3, 4 and 6 ft long leash
  • 550 Paracord (parachute cord - usually used for survival bracelets or parachuting)
  • Biothane (vegan, waterproof, looks like leather but more durable and less cleaning maintenance)
  • Swivel Snap - Nickel plated, solid brass
  • D-Ring - Nickel plated, solid brass

Handmade collars and leashes hand-braided by Asian American artist Anh-Thu Chang. Materials are all sourced within the USA. Made in Seattle, WA. 

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