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Adventure Dog Leash - Light

Adventure Dog Leash - Light

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The lightweight braid style is intended for toy or smaller dogs but is strong enough for larger dogs to use as well! The handle braid is designed for a smooth surface against your wrist, as well as visual detail moment on outside of handle. Handle braid designed to flex with the contour of your wrist without being stiff or compromising on durability. Most other leashes use foam (which rips easily) or hard plastic (which is hard and does not bend to wrist shape). Crab claw trigger snap makes attaching to small dogs easy and smooth!


  • 4 ft long leash
  • 550 Paracord (parachute cord - usually used for survival bracelets or parachuting)
  • Biothane (vegan, waterproof, looks like leather but more durable and less cleaning maintenance)
  • Swivel Snap - Nickel plated, solid brass
  • D-Ring - Nickel plated, solid brass

Handmade collars and leashes hand-braided by Asian American artist Anh-Thu Chang. Materials are all sourced within the USA. Made in Seattle, WA. 

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