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Inspo Candle Co.

Fruit Loop Candle

Fruit Loop Candle

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INSPO: Morning cartoons and a fresh poured bowl of your favorite fruity cereal.

You’ll be surprised how this highly nostalgic scent smells identical to the real thing!

Fruit loop wax embeds can be lit with the candle or removed and melted in a wax burner.  

Dimensions: 2.5" diameter, 3.25" height, 5oz wax weight


Created in 2021 by AAPI artist Annlee Hoy. Her candle collections blend reminiscent scents from her Southeast Asian heritage. Her parents were Cambodian refugees and she was always around her mom's delicious cooking. These scents transcend her to wonderful memories, and she hopes her candles will inspire you to feel good as well. Handmade in Seattle, WA.

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