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Gem Candle in Emerald: Northwest

Gem Candle in Emerald: Northwest

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Gorgeous for holiday, these vintage inspired Gem candles by LULUMIÈRE make for a beautiful gift for yourself or for someone else. We set them with a premium double wick form to ensure an even, luxe burn. This glass collection with multi-dimensional facets is inspired by & named after colorful stone gems. Matching glass lids make for a pretty jewelry dish or the perfect place to put your matches after they are lit.

Emerald color description: Rich evergreen glass

Smells like: Pine, evergreen trees, moss, citrus rind This is a great scent for freshening up a gathering space or to make any bedroom a little more inviting.

Size: 7 fl oz.

Burn time: 30-40 hours

Ingredients: US grown soy wax, phthalate-free perfume oils, essential oils & a cotton paper wick.

Source: Made in Seattle, WA

Finish: Reuse or recycle 


Japanese artist Linda Takano creates fragrant & clean scents inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

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