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KPOP Peek -A-Skzoo Clear Decorative Tape

KPOP Peek -A-Skzoo Clear Decorative Tape

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The pattern of the tape alternates between a peeker style of the heads (most often placed at the edge of a page to look like the animals are peeking over) and now a full size image of the heads too! There is a compass star in-between each set of 8 to indicate the changing of the pattern style. 

Note: This is not washi tape and therefore some washi tape rippers may not work. (This is more similar to regular scotch/cellophane tape.) For easiest tearing, use scissors! Dimensions: 15mm x 10m


Kristi Sakaguchi is a Japanese-Korean freelance illustrator born and raised in Hawaii. Inspired by culture, community, and identity, she strives for her designs to be a way to express representation and self love. Living in a place that is such a melting pot of people, she hopes to share more stories that help bring us all together.

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