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Riskit Design

Rice Cooker Nekohan *MOVING* Enamel Pin

Rice Cooker Nekohan *MOVING* Enamel Pin

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The original Riskit Design character Nekohan, the Rice Tiger in his cozy rice cooker! The lid of the cooker swing open to reveal the white tiger steaming inside. Pin is 1.75” tall when cooker is closed and 2.5” tall when lid is open, roughly 1.75” wide. Made of gold hard enamel. Comes with 2 rubber clutches (black).


Kristi Sakaguchi is a Japanese-Korean freelance illustrator born and raised in Hawaii. Inspired by culture, community, and identity, she strives for her designs to be a way to express representation and self love. Living in a place that is such a melting pot of people, she hopes to share more stories that help bring us all together.

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